These Senior Discounts Will Help You Save Money!

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned! Start Saving!

Senior discounts are one of the great perks that come with getting older. You have paid full price your whole life, now you deserve a discount! Taking advantage of senior citizen discounts may reduce your retirement costs and free up funds for other activities. There are hundreds of companies that offer tremendous discounts and even free products only available to those 50 or older.

When looking for discounts, we advise that you bring identification, as some businesses will check that you have reached the qualifying senior discount age. Certain discounts are only available for specific dates or times, and the age requirements may vary from place to place. It doesn't hurt to contact the business to confirm before trying to redeem these offers. Enjoy the list and start saving your hard earned money!

Save $480* on Your TV Bills

With a range of channels, programs, and packages at a price that's right, it's no surprise that customers are choosing DISH - one of the nation's top satellite TV providers.

  • Satellite TV is available everywhere. City or country dweller, satellite can give you the TV plan you want.
  • Satellite TV is reliable, too. Satellite technology may not be flashy, but it has kept pace and now provides a more reliable connection.
  • Satellite TV can be more affordable. Depending on the provider and plan, satellite often costs less per month than cable.
  • Upgrade your TV experience and save money at the same time!

* Over 2 years with AT120 compared to everyday price

Don't Get Knocked Out by Home Repair Bills!

We know how critical it is to have everything inside your home working properly. You need to have AC for those hot summer days, proper plumbing so you can use your toilet, or a working fridge so your food doesn't go bad. But you never know what will happen so that's why it's important to get a Home Warranty.

We believe Choice Home Warranty has the most comprehensive, flexible and value-priced plans on the market. They have local pre-screeened technicians, and can protect all of your homes major systems and appliances! Moreover,they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Choice Home Warranty, you save time, and, more importantly, you won't get knocked out by home repair bills! Keep your home repair costs to a minimum. Get a home warranty: Click here or the button below to get started.

Get a Great Deal on Home Security by ADT!

Help protect your home with ADT! Security monitoring starting at only $28.99 a month*, and receiving a $100 Visa rewards card**, is number one on our savings list! Aside from your savings, many home insurance companies may reduce the cost of your insurance! Amazing right?

This deal is a huge value - You won't find it just anywhere! When it comes to smart home security - trust the pros at ADT!

* Requires 36-month monitoring contract. Early termination and installation fees apply.
** With minimum purchase of $449.

AARP Has Some Great Discounts!

It's a good idea to make sure you're taking advantage of the many perks of being a member of AARP. AARP membership benefits include discounts on many products including Restaurants, Travel, and Entertainment to name a few.

It's a great way to save money. You may not realize how many - and what a wide variety - they have to offer so we encourage you to check out their latest list of Membership Benefits. Making sure you aren't missing out on these savings is a surefire way to keep more of your hard earned money.

National Parks Senior Pass!

America's National Park Service has grown to encompass more than 400 areas across the country with more than 80 million acres in total.

Entrance fees vary by park, but annual passes are also available, offering access to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. Annual passes cost most people $80, meanwhile those 62 or older can get an annual pass for only $20! A pass is your ticket to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites!

Save up to 60% on Auto Repairs!

When your car parts begin to fail, you'll have peace of mind knowing you are completely covered bumper-to-bumper with Platinum Warranty's extensive extended warranty options. Reduce stress, anxiety and financial loss from an unexpectedly high repair bill.You'll also have zero down-time with the included rental option and free roadside assistance. Keep you car running longer and save thousands in the process.

Extend your car's warranty and save up to 60% on auto repairs! Platinum Warranty has been featured on ESPN, Forbes, Fox News, ABC, NBC, and - all that's needed to get started are just a few simple steps!

Find the Best Deal on a Walk-in Bathtub

One of the greatest risks to seniors over 65 is a slip-and-fall in the bathroom. The often slippery surfaces present hazards to seniors, especially when entering and exiting the bathtub. This seemingly simple act is so dangerous because of the elevation of the bathtub's sides causing you to step over and potentially lose your balance.

If you want to make sure your bathroom is as safe as possible, a walk-in tub is essential. These tubs rest on the floor and have tall walls along the sides, with an easy-to-open door built in. This alleviates the need to lift up your legs past the point of comfort as the door makes the tub easily accessible.

Walk-in tubs aren't just for seniors - they're also viable for any person living with a disability. You can even outfit certain walk-in tubs for simple transfers between a wheelchair and the shower chair.

There are many different styles to suit your tastes and price ranges to suit your budget.

Discover the perfect walk-in tub for your home!

Save Up to 70% on Life Insurance!

For seniors, life insurance is almost a necessary coverage if you want to preserve the lifestyles of your loved ones in the event of your passing. Yet life insurance premiums are prohibitive in your later years as the cost rises between 8-10% each year. But there are still ways to get an affordable rate while continuing the coverage you need.

Online aggregation tools pull the best life insurance quotes from the biggest providers and put them in an easy-to-navigate page. You're able to review what's included with each quote and set up a meeting with an agent once you're ready to make a decision.

There are also financial benefits to seniors with life insurance policies they can take advantage of while they're living. For instance, you can borrow against your life insurance policy to pay for other expenses on an untaxed, low-interest basis. Or if you have medical issues and need to seek care, life insurance policies have living benefits as well as the ability to start early action on your death benefits. This way, you can pay for your care without falling into debt.

Receive free life insurance Quotes now!

Save Money When You Travel!

Whether you're going on a vacation or visiting loved ones, it's important to save money when you travel. Fortunately, there are a lot of businesses that provide discounts to senior citizens. Whenever you travel, we recommend that you contact and ask each business involved in your trip if they have a senior discount. Many do provide discounts on airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, and cruises.

Amtrak travelers 65 years of age and over are eligible to receive a 10% discount on most rail fares on most Amtrak trains. Extended Stay America guests 55 years of age or older can enjoy a special senior rate (regardless of whether you're an AARP member)! To apply your discount simply call 1- 800-804-3724. Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines offer discounted fares for seniors, aged 55 and older, on certain ships and trips. A variety of Airlines offer senior discounts, including American Airlines, Southwest, and United. Simply call them to verify, book, and apply the discount!

Buy One, Get One 40% Off

Upgrade Your Home! Renewal by Andersen window replacements are a great way to improve your home and help reduce costs! Find all shapes, sizes, and colors, and get the perfect windows for your home. Their design team is more than happy to provide you with professional opinions and advice. Get a free quote today!

Renewal by Andersen has been making homes brighter & more beautiful for over 20 years!

Affordable Burial Insurance for Seniors

It's not a pleasant thing to discuss, but end-of-life expense costs have become astronomical for the average American. National Final Coverage is designed to help provide affordable burial coverage for seniors, to help cover these unplanned bills that your family would otherwise incur after your death.

Here are some key points as to the benefits of a typical Final Expense Policy:

  • Coverage options range from $2,500 - $100,000.
  • Payment is issued within 24-48 hours after a death.
  • Family beneficiaries can typically use the money for any purpose.
  • Best for Seniors but policies can be provided for those 25-80 years old.
  • Premiums are often for low double-digit monthly amounts and do not increase.

Get Burial Insurance today, to cover your family for tomorrow.

Get 50% Off This Safety Device

As a senior citizen, you may be worried about becoming a target for crimes such as robbery. If so, the best way to deter crime is to make yourself as unappealing of a target as possible, which includes drawing attention to yourself through loud noise.

The Self Defense Siren is a safety device capable of creating a 125db sound that attracts attention and scares away potential assailants. To compare, it's the same volume as a military jet during takeoff.

It's simple to use but also offers security from accidentally being pressed - the Self Defense Siren device uses a pull-pin instead of a button. Only once pulled does the device emit an ear-piercing sound for up to 30 continuous minutes, or until the pin is pushed back down.

The Self Defense Siren can be reused and easily attaches to purses, keys, and backpacks. It's also small enough to fit in your pocket.

See how Self Defense Siren can keep you safe wherever you go.

Pay Less When You Dine Out!

One of the most common places to find a senior discount is at your favorite restaurant. Many restaurant chains offer senior discounts, but many smaller restaurants also offer discounts. Simply remember to ask about special event savings days or if senior discounts are available. Many of the discounts noted below are offered by franchise owners in local markets. As such, the senior discounts can vary and change without notice. Again, be sure to ask!

Applebee's - 60 and up get 10% to 15% off at participating locations.

Arby's - 55 and up get a 10% discount or a free drink.

Ben & Jerry's - 60 and up get 10% off at participating locations.

Bonefish Grill - AARP members get 10% off every day.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company - AARP members get 10% off every day.

Carrabba's Italian Grill - AARP members get 10% off every day.

Chili's - 55 and up can get 10% off at participating locations.

Denny's - AARP members get 15% off every day.

Friendly's Restaurants - Enjoy 10% off your meal. Free coffee available with breakfast or a free small ice-cream sundae during lunch or dinner.

Hardees - Seniors receive up to 10% off any order, plus all drinks are 33 cents.

Jack in the Box - 55 and up get up to 20% off their entire order.

KFC - 55 and up get a free small drink with any meal.

McDonald's - 55 and up get discounts on all sizes of coffee, every single day.

Old Country Buffet - Senior discount available every day. Contact your local store for details.

Outback Steakhouse - AARP members get 10% off every day.

Housing Benefits for Veterans

Thanks to this VA Homeowners assistance, millions of veteran homeowners are getting huge savings on their monthly mortgage bill. Fill out this survey and see if you are eligible for VA mortgage benefits that can save them a whopping $42,000 on their mortgage.

All veterans and active military are eligible for the benefits of this program. Luckily for our veterans, the VA makes the refinancing process easy for everyone involved. Because you have already gone through many steps to get your initial VA Loan, many of the steps are not required to refinance your VA mortgage.

Why You Should Care:

  • The average monthly savings is $258/month
  • In addition to savings, you can cut up to 15 years off your mortgage
  • Veteran homeowners can take out extra cash for anything they want like paying off debt, home improvements, going on vacation, or an emergency cash fund
  • You can shop multiple lenders, so you are not limited to your current lender's rates
  • You can get a 0% down mortgage without paying private mortgage insurance (PMI)

Guard Your Gutters - Save Up to $250!

LeafFilter is rated the #1 gutter protection system. Stay off your ladder for good! From roof to foundation, the damage caused by clogged gutters can be devastating for your home. With LeafFilter, you are protected forever.

  • Prevents basement and foundation damage
  • Keeps your gutters clog free forever
  • Works with existing gutters
  • Prevents roofing damage
  • Payment plans that fit your budget
  • Lifetime, transferable warranty
  • Saves you time and money

Don't wait - request a FREE no obligation estimate from LeafFilter!

Save 15% at Kohl's!

Kohl's is a leading retailer of clothing and many other items, with more than 1,100 stores in just about every state in America.

If you're 60 or older, you can enjoy a 15% discount in Kohl's stores every Wednesday. If spend about $800 per year on clothing and gifts, you'd be looking at $120 in savings if you find it at Kohl's!

Free Senior Savings Guide!

ATTENTION SENIORS! Your Free Savings Guide is now available...Save THOUSANDS on the things you use every single day!

We're all getting older, every single one of us. But getting older doesn't mean we can't enjoy life just like when we were in our prime earning years.

That's why we've created our special Senior Savings Handbook.

This is the best guide for seniors looking to save big money on a limited budget. And, to make it even better, we're offering it to select individuals for FREE!

If you're 55 or older, YOU CAN SAVE THOUSANDS on the things you use everyday. Discover options to save on Medicare and find low cost solutions for medical supplies, insurance and more.

So, are you ready to save?